The Travel Capsule


This project is dedicated to all of you, who wish to travel and discover the beauty of nature and this world along with yourself.

„It’s impossible,” said pride,

„It’s risky,” said experience,

„It’s pointless,” said reason,

„Give it a try,” whispered the heart.

I am Diana Arte (Artemi Artemi), an inner adventurer and inspirer and I would like to take you with me to the greatest adventure of all, Life!

As a child I loved to look upon the stars and the sky in a bright summer night or a cold night in the winter and dream about adventures, the vastness of the world.

Children never really have plans, goals to accomplish, things to do and never wish to become someone in particular. They live in the now along with the infinite world.

Up until 2011 I was struggling through life and I was finding myself caught up in a rat – race, although I was living a pretty calm life without many tragedies or whatsoever. I was working in one of the biggest multinational companies as a financial controller but my heart was dreaming about travelling the world, to live an adventure both internally and externally. There was no other way; I had to change my life. And with this being felt I quit. For the next 2 years I wandered in Europe twisting my mind about what I should do now. The harder I was trying to think and „find” it the further away it was slipping from me. Finally, I accepted the situation and the route of life and „Let it go”! After all what can you do about life?

The Travel Capsule is an alternative travel project calling all free spirits and adventurous souls of this world. Our motto is: „We are realistic – we expect miracles to happen!” Nothing is impossible at this realm and the greatest adventures always begin from within us! Together we will have the opportunity to see nature’s and this world’s most beautiful places, phenomena and cultures, to experience the joy in connecting deeply with pure nature and to one another, to contemplate about life’s miracle and infinite possibilities and to experience the unity that exists in this world and of course, the most important, to have an adventure and loads of fun!!

Our travel projects consist of 3 pillars and combine:

  • adventure activities in nature
  • relaxation and connecting with new friends
  • self-awareness practices

You can follow us to places of immense beauty around the world, while enjoying fantastic adventure activities in nature, the company of good friends, relaxing your body and mind, having fun and meeting new cultures and old existing civilizations. In our trips self – development coaches and spiritual teachers of different modalities will guide us to live a happier and more fulfilling life!

This dream is dedicated to all of you, whose soul looks up in the sky and the stars in a bright summer night and who wish to travel and discover the beauty of nature and this world along with yourself.

Everything around us is united. This world is a magical place to be.

Step in and enjoy this adventure!

Last year we had the most amazing ride of our lives! We liked it so much that this October 2016 we will do it again.
Join us to this amazing adventure to enjoy flying with hot air balloons over the truly magical landscape of Cappadocia but not only: horse riding in the valleys, pottery class, hamam experience, belly dancing, dervish ceremony and much more in this one of a kind trip.

Join our community of friends and travelers now!



Publicat de Cornelia Alina Constantin

Terapeut, ghidul sufletului tău pe calea dezvoltării personale și trezirii spirituale. Pasionată de această creație fascinantă care este ființa umană, mereu în căutarea potențialului său cel mai înalt, a esenței sale unice Dumnezeu. Un simplu om intre oameni!

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